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“Sa Nou” is a Saint Lucian french creole phrase meaning “Ours”. Founded by Alberta Leon in April of 2022, our business seeks to exemplify that word by highlighting local creatives and entrepreneurs by taking a grassroots approach to tourism. We are a community tourism focused business; heavily rooted in the history, culture and heritage of Saint Lucia. We promote cultural appreciation and preservation. And there's something for everyone - fishnetting, kayaking, painting, chocolate making, exploring sweet Helen through our exciting sightseeing tours and more! Join us, as we introduce you to the essence of Saint Lucia. We're sure you'll find something you love along the way.

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Experience St. Lucia in all her magnificent beauty through our endemic designed tours. The tour packages of Sa Nou Tours have been carefully designed to showcase the best of our culture, heritage and provide ideal visitor experience. Every single tour, sight seeing is unique and diverse, highlighting our cultural heritage, history and our distinct geographical beauty.

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  • Nature.
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Fishnetting: From a Net to a Dish

All about the making of fishnets. Listen to a demonstration on how the fishnets are done, the purpose of each type of fishnet, and the type of fishes it catches. Though there are several fishnets, the main feature is to bring a variety of smaller fishes to shore especially those found in the deeper waters.

Cocoa Processing: From Bean to Chocolate

Go through a relaxed demonstration of the cocoa process from the bean to chocolate. Cocoa improves cholesterol blood sugar level, reduces the risk of heart diseases and more! Plunge into the rain forest for a tour of the cacoa groves and learn to graft a tree, hand crafting their very own chocolate bar on the tree.

Kayak Tours

Our Kayak Tour experience will allow you to marvel at gorgeous sights and wonders of our diverse coastline. Scenic and historical views of St. Lucia’s coast. Private transfer and tour guide and refreshments will be served.

Farm: From Garden to table

All about the farming Industry; what type of food, vegetables, and fruits are grown locally and which season they’re harvested. Take a stroll of the farm along with a tour guide, see, feel and taste the exotic fruits on our island. Have you ever wondered how our St. Lucian food is so tasty? This would be your chance to discover the secrets and intricacies by tasting our local meals from a creole cuisine.

Sea Moss Tour: From raw material to a drink

Our Sea Moss Tour is a full experience from ocean to table. You will learn the importance of ocean farming and how it is done, how to handle sea moss from the ocean, what happens after the sea moss is dried and how to make sea moss gel. You will also enjoy some amazing finger foods and drinks made from sea moss.

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Thank you Sa Nou Tours for the amazing touring experience! It was a very educational and pleasant tour at the Fond Doux Resort learning how the cacoa beans are dried and processed to make chocolate. The staff there were very welcoming. I will definitely be choosing Sa Nou tours again! I rate Sa Nou tours 5 stars.

Sharla Loiseau

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Taking on this tour , I can truly say that I received exceptional service . I got the first time experience on a cocoa plantation and got an opportunity have a first hand experience at learning how cocoa is transformed into chocolate and even got a bite or two at the delicious treats at Fond Doux. Not forgetting learning about various plants on plantation and enjoying some of the freshest fruits. I would recommend this tour undoubtedly and would do it all over again.

Naeem Tobierre

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